Tumble Membership & Class Fees

  • Our Annual Membership Fee is $48 for the first child and $20 for each additional sibling.
  • 45 Minute Classes are $62/Month 
  • 60 Minute Classes are $69/Month 
  • 90 Minute Classes are $84/Month

Multi-Class Discount: We offer 15% off additional classes. 

Family Discount: We offer 15% off sibling classes.

We offer a free trial class for every child. Once you choose to enroll in a class, the membership and prorated class fees will be due (minus any applicable discounts). Our program is designed to be ongoing year-round rather than in sessions. This means you can register your child anytime and your child will remain enrolled in the class until they graduate to a new level or you choose to discontinue.  

Four classes are included in each billing cycle. You can find more details about our 2020 Billing Cycle here: https://tumblebythesea.com/billing-cycle